Gender neutral clothing challenge the norms of modern outfits

Gender neutral clothes are more than fabric sewn together. These clothes express the values and personality of gender-fluid individuals. Shuffling through the clothes at a retail store, seeing the racks hold hope in the form of an oversized sweater, denim jeans and structured t-shirts.

Retail stores like H&M and Zara have made the move to ditch male and female labelled clothing. They’re incorporating clothing that is gender-fluid with neutral colours like grey, black and beige.

“It is very natural for us to launch a unisex collection as fashion is constantly evolving and intersecting and today we see there are no boundaries in democratic style,” said Marybeth Schmitt, H&M Spokesperson in a press release. “Fashion should always be inclusive.”

Gender neutral clothing has always looked too feminine, too masculine or too basic. Retailers have struggled for years creating unisex clothing that was not boring. Retailers have also struggled to make gender-neutral clothing that is form fitting and sophisticated.

Zara’s “ungendered” line includes graphic t-shirts, oversized sweaters and trousers. While, H&M’s clothing line has jumpers, dresses, t-shirts and jeans that can be tailored and sized accordingly.

“With this collection, his and hers clothing are one in the same, blurring borders and challenging norms,” said H&M in a news release.

Over the last year, people have also wanted to see skirts and dresses added to the genderless line since both men and women wear them, and Zara and H&M have listened.




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