Rxchelle rebuilds her life that leads to new music

After a fire erupted in her family home, Rxchelle had to rebuild her life. All her belongings were destroyed, and the music she spent months creating were all gone.

But, Elle did not let that stop her dream of becoming a musician. “After the fire, I realized that I needed to get my shit together a create a full project,” Rxchelle said. After the fire, her family, mom, and younger siblings had to stay in a hotel room for a bit all during the Christmas holiday.

The upbeat pop style music resembles EDM but, Rxchelle is not pinned down to one particular genre. The young artist is exploring different genres like pop and R&B.

Rxchelle turned to arts and poetry at a young age to cope with the fact that her family moved around a lot and it was hard to make friends. “I did a lot of poetry which was weird why would a little 7-year-old do poetry,” Rxchelle said.

She spent time at Seneca College for independent song writing but, Rxchelle took some time away. She still kept in touch with the teachers that help build her confidence to create and perform songs.

The stress of the fire lead to some serious side effects for Rxchelle. Suffering from a mild heart attack all before the age of 25. All that lead to the latest extended play (EP) that will come out this summer.


Ryerson Students to Watch: TRSM student is an up-and-coming singer


Tiffany Williams’ music career has always been her number one priority, but for the next two years, school is her full-time job.

“I thought I might broaden the spectrum and get a business degree as well,” said Williams.

Williams has known she wanted a music career since she was 10 years old. “At first I was so lost. I was like where do I start?”

She drew inspiration from YouTubers like Alex Aiono and began creating original music with just a guitar and keyboard for her YouTube and SoundCloud pages.

When she was 12 years old, Williams was already taking part in ballet, jazz and musical theatre but when she got to high school, singing took front stage to those extracurricular dance activities.

As a second-year marketing management student, she tries to balances university life and songwriting with timetabling. “So what I do I try to switch all my courses into a couple so I have days off so I can create music,” said Williams.

Meanwhile, Williams said the courses at TRSM are helping her understand how to market and distribute her creativity in the music competitive industry.

Williams has sung covers of Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One,” Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” and Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out Loud.” but her main focus is creating original content for her SoundCloud and YouTube pages. She’s posted two electronic pop singles to SoundCloud. She creates and uploads the songs while her younger sister helps create the accompanying art on her social media.

“I’m totally independent. I’m majoring in marketing because being in music you need to know how to market yourself,” said Williams.

She plays sporadic gigs throughout the year, as long as it does not conflict with school. “I do it because I love it, it’s always good to get performer experience even if it’s unpaid,” Williams said.  “As soon as I finish school, I’m going to focus on music 100 per cent.”